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Project Service Iran is the biggest packing textile machine producer in Iran



here is an article about Dyeing without water or dry dyeing, this is part of the article you can download it from below link

This process is used in producing functional knitted fabrics with the brand name DryDye fabrics, this method uses an exclusive waterless dyeing process that will save millions of litres of fresh water annually.

Water scarcity and increased environmental awareness are world-wide concerns which are causing a sharp rise in prices for intake and disposal of water. The textiles industry is also one of the biggest consumers of water with conventional textile dyeing using large amounts of fresh water which is disposed of as waste water containing dyestuff chemicals.

According to the experiences, an estimated 100-150 litres of water are needed to process    1 kg of textile material. Water is also used as a solvent in many pre-treatment and finishing processes, such as washing, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, rinsing and finishing and the contaminated water must then be handled and treated prior to disposal or recycling.


for more reading download pdf from this link




We produce packing machines in Iran and also we are agent  for many foreign textile machinery companies from Korea, India and Turkey .

We’ll be in textile international exhibition which starts in 4 September 2015 and will finish in 7 September 2015 in Tehran.

21 IRANTEX international exhibition